The Best Track Lighting Solution

Everyone loves having a nice set of lighting in a room, but few like the idea of idea setting up each light up one by one.

One of the best solutions to this problem is installing track lighting in a room, allowing you to install an entire set of lighting fixtures in one go without the hassle of dealing with each lighting fixture one by one. Almost all track lighting can be installed by yourself without any problems – even if you have no experience – since no major remodeling is needed for installing them.

And because it’s mounted from above, track lighting can take up less room than other kinds of light sources.


Why would you want a track lighting system?

There are a lot of benefits to having track lighting in your home. Not only does it look really terrific, it is a great way to get all of the light you need, and be able to direct it exactly where you need it.

If you have a piece of artwork that you want to highlight, a track light is a perfect solution. This type of lighting is flexible, and you can move the actual lights around so that they are shining where they need to be.

Track lighting is also great for bathrooms. Instead of having just a single lighting fixture, a track light will allow you to see much better in situations such as shaving or applying makeup.

Track lights will make any room more elegant and sophisticated, with their clean and unique designs.


Our first pick

After reviewing many lighting solutions, we have finally found the best track lighting solution that is constructed durably, easy to set up, and looks great in any room.

The Tiella Track Lighting Kit is our recommended choice for most types of rooms from small bathrooms to large living rooms.

We chose this kit over others because it offers much cooler lighting than other standard track lighting kits, making it safe to put into low hanging ceilings and all over the house. However, it is still bright enough to illuminate even large rooms such as living rooms.

It is made completely out of aluminum, giving it a solid construction while still being lightweight for easy installation. The Tiella Track Lighting Kit is one of the easiest track lighting systems we found to install. The entire process takes less than 2 hours, even for the someone who has never installed a lighting system before.

It’s simple and clean look allows you to place these lights into any room and will compliment any home design.


The competition

The following selections are also great if you are looking for a track light if our first pick is not available.

A More Flexible Design: Globe Electric Flexible Track Light Kit

If you prefer a more flexible design, but don’t mind spending a bit more time setting up the lighting system the Globe Electric Flexible Track Light Kit is also great. Because it has a few more ceiling attachment points and is a little heavier than our first pick (Tiella Track Lighting Kit) it will take a little bit more time to set up.

A Less Expensive Option: Globe Electric 4 Light Track Lighting Kit

If you prefer a less expensive system, the Globe Electric 4 Light Track Lighting Kit will work, but it’s size is too small to light up a medium to large sized room. However, it is a great solution if you only need enough light for a small room and want something that can be setup in less than an hour.

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