Outdoor Lighting

Patios are great places for entertaining guests during the summer months.  Unfortunately, once the sun goes down, your patio is virtually useless unless you have outdoor lighting.  Installing outdoor lighting fixtures is easy, and will make your patio into an entertainment hot spot.

Your Options for Outdoor Lighting

There are many different products you could use to meet your outdoor lighting needs.  Solar outdoor lighting is a popular choice since it doesn’t require any power lines to be run and it doesn’t increase electricity bills.  However, most outdoor lighting isn’t sufficient to light large areas and the use is restricted primarily to walkways and property borders.  Party lights and even re-purposed Christmas lights all make excellent outdoor lighting instruments.

Most people choose fixtures attached to the exterior of their house as their primary lighting source, then add additional accessories like light strings to add fun and spirit to their space.  Allen Roth lighting is one of the leading manufacturers of outdoor lighting fixtures, and the contemporary designs are available at any home improvement store.

There are many different styles of outdoor lighting available on the market.  Choosing the right light for your space is an important step in maximizing enjoyment of your patio.  Low voltage outdoor lighting is useful in setting a fun, relaxed mood.  Colored lights can aid an air of festivity to your patio for holiday themed parties.  Some fixtures allow you to choose the brightness or color of the bulb, making them perfect for year round use.

Hanging Your Lights

Once you’ve selected your outdoor lights, the next step is to install them.  Choosing the location for your new lights is an important step in getting your patio ready for your next party or gathering.  Carefully assess the area to determine the best placement of the lights.

If you select a permanent fixture, you’ll need an electrician to install it if you don’t already have the proper wiring available.  Be sure to choose a location for your light that doesn’t obstruct access to your patio door.  If you choose non permanent fixtures, like solar outdoor lighting, you can play around with the placement until you reach the desired effect.  Any floor height lighting should be placed where it is not in danger of being tripped on.  Finally, if you’ve chosen hanging lights, you’ll need somewhere to hang them.  Trees, patio umbrellas, fencing, and other tall objects are great for hanging lights.

Once you’ve selected, purchased, and hung your lights, all that’s left is to plug them in or turn them on and enjoy your outdoor illumination.  You’ll get more use out of your patio once it’s properly lit, and you’ll love your new outdoor lighting!