Pendant Lighting Style Choices

Pendant Lighting
Allen + Roth provide some of the best designer pendant lights on the market today. A pendant light, sometimes called a drop or suspender, is a lone light fixture that hangs from the ceiling usually suspended by a cord, chain, or metal rod. Pendant lights can often be used in multiples, hung in a straight line over kitchen counter-tops and dinette sets or sometimes in bathrooms.
Pendant lights are preferable in Kitchens and Dining Rooms because they do not take up floor space and directly hang over countertops and dining tables to provide a well lit area to socialize at during gatherings or meals. Multi pendant lighting works well over countertops because of the ability to focus the light on a smaller area. Foyer pendant lighting can also be an attractive feature in any home.
The type of pendant lighting chosen depends on the room design and personal preferences. When choosing lightning, several characteristics should be considered. Having an idea on if you would like the room to be brighter, dimmer, or have a certain area lit more than another for instance will help you choose the perfect Allen Roth lighting solution. Large pendant lights will cast a wider diameter of light. Also pendant lights using shades or other transparent materials will serve to light the room more.
Classic Styles
Allen + Roth classic styled pendant lights have a timeless quality making them an ideal light to accompany many different design styles including existing or new kitchen and dining room designs. These lights styles are very versatile and offer a warmer light color often to accompany colorful rooms or rooms with a lot of wood such as the allen + roth 17.75-in W Pecan Standard Pendant Light with Fabric Shade.

Pecan Standard Pendant Light

This is a great solution for a hanging light over a dining table because it provides a lot of warm light to the room through the shade and a brighter light underneath for eating or entertaining. The light bulb is not visible from the outside of the light. This makes it a good choice to use energy efficient LED light bulbs. With more LED choices available you can select a LED color temperature to suite your needs such as this one.

Contemporary Styles

Contemporary ceiling lights usually have clean lines to provide a casual atmosphere, open spaces, and neutral colors. Allen + Roth fortunately provides several options which enhance this type of design with an interesting look. For instance one or more of the allen roth 8-1/10″W Nickel Mini Pendant Lights can provide a countertop with a bright focused light needed when cooking.

The light length can be adjusted by using some or all of the 3 12” rods which are supplied with the light. This will surely make the light a perfect fit for any contemporary style. Many different bulb types will work with this lamp. Because the bulb is not visible the option exists for this lamp to use an energy efficient LED bulb such as this one.

If the focused light of the Nickel Pendant light is not right for your area then consider using a large glass pendant light, something like the allen + roth Aged Bronze Pendant Light with Clear Glass Shade which is not only industrial but also provides a very minimalistic look. The clear housing makes the room appear larger due to the transparency of the lamp. This light fixture also casts more light throughout the immediate area.

Allen + Roth Aged Bronze Pendant Light with Clear Glass Shade

This type of light was designed to showcase the beauty of the Edison Bulb (also known as vintage-style starter bulb) inside. These bulbs offer so much beauty of their own. This makes the lamp a good buy because it comes with one 60-watt vintage-style starter bulb. The bulbs displayed in the image above are said to have squirrel cage filaments because of the cage like pattern the elements display when lit. There are many purchase options available for these types of bulbs. One can even get creative with the many different patterns available.

Edison Bulbs

The light bulb can be a big part of what makes lighting attractive. With most light bulbs the filament of a light bulb is what illuminates when electricity is passed through it. Edison bulbs used this filament to create many interesting patterns. In these types of bulbs the filament is also dimmer than conventional incandescent light bulbs. Hudson Lighting provides edison light bulbs such as the 60 watt Vintage Edison Bulb – Squirrel Cage Filament – 120 volts – Dimmable. This type of bulb is the same style as the one featured in the picture above.

These types of bulbs offer a lot of flexibility and creativity. The bulbs are often an interesting part of these fixtures and several other styles exist making them a popular choice. Below are some creative options available for Edison Bulbs: