Tips on Choosing Home Lighting and Accessories

Home lighting and accessories is an important part of modern house decoration. Correct combination of lamps can add lots of lusters to one’s house. Therefore, selecting suitable lamps is indispensable for building a perfect household space.

Types of Lamps for Houses

Since the first Incandescent lamp was invented, more and more types of lamps have come into being. Now, lamps are indispensable parts of people’s life. Some lamps are applied to industry while some others are used in people’s houses. Actually, lamps’ roles are more than lighting now. Home lighting and accessories can be divided into building lamps and decorative lighting according to their functions. The former kind includes tube light, wall lamp, ceiling light and many more. They come in various styles, but always with single functions. Decorative lamps have more decoration functions. According to different light sources, there are four types of lamps, namely incandescent lamp, energy saving lamps, LED and metal-halide lamps. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages.

  • Incandescent lamp is the oldest kind of lamps. It emits warm and soft lighting. Major disadvantage of these lamps is short life and high-energy consumption.
  • Energy saving lamp is also called fluorescent light. It is an efficient lamp. There are both white light and warm light series in this group. Disadvantages of this kind of home lighting and accessories include pollution and rapid decrease of lighting degree after a period of usage.
  • LED is short for light emitting diode. They are efficient, no radiation, environment friendly lamps. Cold light source makes it especially suitable to tropic zones and summer time. This kind of lamps is usually expensive.
  • Metal-halide lamp is a new generation of light source. It not only has good lighting effect, but also is energy saving and has long service life.

Main Principles in Choosing Home Lighting and Accessories

  • First, select lamps according to the rooms’ functions. For instance, since sitting room is a place you welcome your guests, it is best to create a warm, solemn atmosphere with lamps. To make the sitting room spacious and bright enough, you should chose lamps that are high and bright. Lamps for study should be bright and soft. Incandescent lamp is not a bad choice. Kids are curious and lovely. They are more sensitive to lighting. Comfortable, creative lighting design can help your kids keep relaxed and peace mind. While simple and rough lighting can produce anxious, lonely mood for your kids.
  • The second principle is safety. Quality is the most important thing. Allen Roth lighting is a company provides popular lighting and accessories with affordable prices.
  • The last principle in buying home lighting and accessories is paying attention to the interests of the whole. That is to say, choose lamps according to interior design and applications of your house.

Furthermore, the sizes and styles of lamps should also coordinate with the areas and height of your house. Of course, just as any other applications, you should select your home lighting and accessories according to your budget.